While touring with RADIOHEAD one fateful night in Miami, McQueen impressed the band with an impersonation so fresh an idea was born.  McQueen presents a fusion of music, comedy and video which parodies pop stars, movies and a variety of celebrities, creating an incredibly unique new universe with every show




“This show is mad funny! Dudes doing something crazy original, it’s going to be huge man!” 



Move over, Mr. Yankovic

Comedian-producer McQueen Adams mixes music, comedy, celebrity impressions and screen projections, touching on everyone from Daft Punk to Vladimir Putin, Matthew McConaughey to Coldplay, in his show, which sold out for two straight weeks in London. Like Weird Al Yankovic, McQueen clearly loves pop music but likes to skewer it with nerdy parodies. His anthem on behalf of redheads everywhere, “Ginger Corvette,” makes you realize why Prince was sexy in the first place while vaguely turning you on to Conan O’Brien in an uncomfortable, yet irresistible, way."



“A McQueen show is similar to almost nothing, coming out of a shrinking left field to smack his spectators with a welded mass of comedic absurdity, electronica, voice-over videos and impersonations. By the time the bewilderment settles, there’s the feeling that it was either a hilarious hallucination caused by a YouTube overdose, or a smartly veiled jab at the current state of American culture washing over you. And it’s exactly that kind of fuzzy understanding of McQueen that has left audiences salivating for more“

– Charleston Post & Courier

“hybridized multi-media hilarity…McQueen’s performance is replete with impersonations, visuals, vocal impersonations and enough pop references to make any pop culture addict’s mind scintillate”

– Athens Banner Herald

“a chaotic, kaleidoscopic collection of songs, stunts, and sketches, with subjects ranging from Daft Punk and Gandalf to Jason Statham and Coldplay. Aided by a high-tech audio-visual assault that Adams co-created with drummer Timothy Oakley of Phantogram notoriety, McQueen follows a series of characters stumbling into hilariously absurd situations that compel them to burst into song. “

– Charleston City Paper


“A total comedy, music and video experience, McQueen has been a hit on the national scene with some sick spoofs.  If McQueen met Weird Al in a celebrity death match, it might just be a draw.”

- ComedyPipe

“pop culture mix of music, comedy and multimedia…In both concept and execution, a McQueen performance is consistent with the ethos of sampling. He takes content from a variety of disparate sources and reprocesses it through his own sensibility, creating something new and unique, yet oddly familiar in the process.”

–ASHEVILLE Mountain X- Press